About Me

Hello, I'm Diski.
This is my personal blog which I write mostly in Bahasa Indonesia because I'm too lazy to write it in English.

I graduated from ITB with major in interior design. I worked as stylist and journalist in home design magazine and worked as interior designer. Currently I am enjoying my life as a stay at home mom and part-time interior designer.

I live in Jakarta South Tangerang with my beloved husband and son. For personal reason I don't write their real name in this blog. Just for your information, Bi is my husband and Ru is my son. 

Hey Diski blog covers stories with a focus on my favorite things: travel, interior design, motherhood, books and interesting daily life.

I started this blog when I was in college to share some interesting moment of my life. Then, I added my travel stories because I found others' travel blog help me a lot when I plan to go on vacation.  As life goes on, I added stories about becoming a mom to hopefully help other moms.

Basically, this blog is a media for me to write an article which I enjoy to do and hopefully enjoyable to read as well.

Welcome to my blog!

Want to contact me,
send an email to heydiski@gmail.com