Turning 30

When I was younger, I saw 30 year-old-people really old. They are busy, have plenty of responsibilities, and less fun. Last week I turned 30, surprisingly I do not feel that old. Yes I probably have a lot more responsibilities than 20-year-old-me, I meet friends a lot less, but hopefully I do not enjoy life less.

I guess this is a perfect moment to stop and look at my life: what i am grateful for, what i learned, and what i wanted.

What I am grateful for
Being a wife and a mom is a life changing situation. It is a lie if I said everything about it is happiness. But what is happier than woke up on your birthday with two favorite people smiling at you with a cake and presents and showed you how much important you are for them.

What I learned along the way
We can have plans, but sometimes life does not work according to the plan. As long as I already do my best, I should accept my life and live to the fullest.

What I wished for
I have so many wishes (haha so greedy), but one of my wish is I can deliver my second son happily and easily with everyone being healthy. I have no idea how it feels to be a mom of two, but hopefully I can find joy and happiness.

Ru wanted to blow the candle too

Special for this post, I do not have 'conclusion, tips, and trick' like usual. I simply want to celebrate my new age. Thank you Bi and Ru for celebrating my birthday, and to you, thanks for reading and wish you wonderful life!


  1. Happy birthday yaaa....

    Aduh kalo 30 merasa tua... Gimana kayak gw yg udh 40... Huahahaha

    1. Makasi ko Arman.. Haha padahal 'life begin at 30' ya.. hehe ga bermaksud menyinggung yg umurnya 30 ++ padahal


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