Three months has passed since I resigned from my work. I knew it won't be easy, and it is not. There are always good and bad things in every choice that we make. 

I rarely share my every day life and thought in this blog, because I think it won't give any advantages to people who read it. But posting only about vacations and weekends feels like a lie to me. My life is not always full of happiness and new places, but I guess our usual everyday life makes us treasure holiday and free time more. So here it is. Hopefully I won't share this kind of things too much.

My daily schedule in the past three months was a total chaos. There are only two things fixed in my schedule: First, Ru's nanny/domestic helper comes at 8 and goes home at 5. Second, Ru's school starts at 8 and finishes at 10.30. 

Other than the schedule, I am doing pretty good in some stuffs and need some improvement in some other parts. Here are some facts about me after being a stay/work at home mom. 

1. I drive more - It is my personal achievement. I always hate driving and it made my driving skill improvement as slow as a sloth. 

2. I read more books - Thanks to more free time. More books means higher chance to read a good book. The best book I read in the last three months is The Alchemist. 

3. I bake more - I only bake one kind of a cake over and over again. It is my grandmother's recipe and my mother refuse to share the recipe to anyone but me. 

4. I spent more time with Ru - This is my biggest reason to resign. I used to meet him only 2-3 hours a day when he was awake and now I can play as long as I wanted. 

5. I learned that 'It is not a good idea to work with your husband' - Both of us are happier when our spouse has nothing to do with our work. 

6. I miss my salary and my colleague -  Accepting there is no money transferred to my account regularly is harder than to accept that I am no longer working in the job that I love. I also miss social interaction with people who see me as their colleague and not as Ru's mommy. 

Now you know my life is not only about vacation, so now I can start writing about holiday again. I believe happy time are worth to remember and bad time are not worth my time and energy to be mention in this blog. 

P.S Sorry if I made grammatical or spelling error, English is not my mother language.