A Glimpse of My Current Life

I miss writing. That is how i feel lately. It is ironic, when you have zillions things to do and million stories about it, you don't have enough time to write. But when you have nothing to do and want to write, you have no idea what to tell.

Nowadays, I am still struggling with working-mother things. I need to cook for baby Ru and monitor what he did on daily basis but I also have a busy work in my workplace. Oh, and I am craving for some me time. Being perfect is not an option. I run out energy everyday. I even missed some dinner because I was too tired and slept instantly when I touched my bed.

Sometimes, I have no idea how other working mom survive. For me, these past 6 months was like a roller coaster. It was fun but tiring. Some days were so tough I wanted to give up. Some days nice and manageable.

One thing to keep in mind, from one of my favorite song in high school, 'but don't forget enjoy the ride' :)

My mind are full with these two. 

Tips and Conclusion 

-Being mother is one of the hardest job ever. Thank you mommy and daddy for raising