New Year, New Home

I know it's March already. I am not really good at updating my story soon after it happened. 2014 is special. First because my baby due date is on April and second because I moved to a new home.

My mom wants me and my husband to live near her house when my baby arrived. So she can visit us more frequently. We moved just before the new year's eve and started to live in the new house on the first day of 2014.

Moving to landed house is not as easy as I thought. I found so many problems with this house. The story about that is way too long and I don't want to remember it any longer.

Here is the sneak peak of the house when our nephews came to visit us last week.

The house is messy. Bi is so busy at work and I am not allowed to move heavy stuffs, so we basically only have weekend to make the house looks better. I'll update the photo once our house is prettier.