#8. Pematang Siantar - Toko Sedap

(My Travel Series)
August 2010
Day 3

Tomorrow morning we're going to go back to Jakarta, so today was our last day exploring north Sumatra. In our way back to Medan, we stopped at a vintage coffee shop named Toko Sedap. This place is popular for its custard apple jam or selai srikaya (in bahasa).

We ordered custard apple jam toasts with a cup of coffee. I didn't drink the coffee but according to people who drank it, the coffee tasted nice and very suitable with the toast. 

For me the taste of the toast was not special, but my mom loved it so much. She even brought some custard apple jam home. However, I always love to eat in a place with history. It made me imagine how was this place look like in its era. It wasn't so hard to imagine because I think they are never re-design the facade, interior, the cup or the dish.

When we ate the bread, some people around us ate noodles that look very tasty. My sister and I asked my mom's friend where to buy the noodles because Toko Sedap didn't sell any. 'The noodle is from that place,' she pointed a place near Toko Sedap,'but you are not allowed to eat that because it contains pork', she added. What a disappointing answer. I already imagined eating the noodle. 

Forget the noodles, it's time to go. With a crazy ride like taking the metromini in Jakarta, we arrived in Medan in short time. I felt dizzy and nauseous. I think this is how North Sumatra people drive.

Other Things That I found in my last day in North Sumatra

B1/B2 -- Along the way I saw many B1 / B2 sign. I tried to guess the meaning and failed. My mom's friend then told us B1 was for Biang (Dog in Batak Language) and B2 stands for Babi (Pig in Bahasa). Because most people in North Sumatra are not muslim, pig and dog are common food for them. Stop in any of this sign to try the dish if you want.

Durian -- Medan is popular for durian. Durian medan tastes a bit bitter than other durian's type. You are not allowed to bring durian in the plane because of its smell, but in medan they have a special packaging to reduce the smell. Pssst... don't tell airport officials it is a durian, just lie. Hehe

Tips and Conclusion

- If you like historical and vintage place, visiting Toko Sedap is a must.

- It is hard to find halal food around lake Toba and in the way from lake Toba to Medan. If you are muslim, you better do some research about it so you won't be starving.

- For people who love to eat pork and dog, this place is heaven.

- Durian shop in Medan open until mid-night. 

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