#6. Samosir Island - The Old Village

(My Travel Series)
August 2010
Day 2

I have been preoccupied with a lot of things lately and forget to continue my travel stories here. To refresh your memory this is my last post about my North Sumatra Trip and here the beginning of the story if you haven't read it yet. 


One of the places you have to visit in Samosir island is the old village. My family and I went there by a car. You supposed to pay some money to enter this place, but we didn't have to because my mom's friend is a local people and she had some contribution to this place.

Just like the name, this place is an outdoor museum about traditional village from the old days. There were eight different types of architecture from common people's houses to king's graves. In this place, according to the information board, there are Batak traditional dances which performed every day. Sadly, when we were here, we did not see the performance. Here the complete list of what you can see in the old village.

We did not meet anybody when we explored this area, not even a tourist guide. My Sister went inside the house and even climbed to the second floor of the house to play some percussion instrument which I did not know the name. I was not sure she was allowed to play it, but there were no 'don't touch' sign either.

The rice pounding houses.

Happy and sad totem expression.

The house of wooden puppet. The instrument up there is the one that my sister played.

The King's Grave. 

We finished exploring this place in about an hour and went back to the car. Then, we went around the island to have a quick look. Surprisingly, we saw many foreigner here, mostly walking down the street. Also, there were many hostels with free wi fi.

Time to get back to the main island. We went back to Tomok and took ferry to cross over . Bye bye Samosir! See you next time..

Tips and Conclusion.

- It is better to visit the old village with tourist guide because it was lacked of written information. It would be very interesting to hear the story about how people you used to life there and some folk tales. (Note for the museum manager: Adding some guides like the one in Ullen Sentalu, Jogjakarta would be perfect.)

- Samosir is a perfect place for people who love history and looking for serenity.

- There are many accommodation in the island if you want to stay here more than one day.

- I personally think when you visit north Sumatera, go to Samosir is a must.

*photos by Lala, edited by me

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