Currently Snacking on: Durian Pancake

I am not a durian-lover but not a durian-hater either. I more like social-durian-eater (like social-drinker). I only eat durian when other people eat it, so I won't miss the fun part. Hehe.

Couple months ago, my mom gave me a durian pancake from Bandung. I just ate tiny bit of it because there was only few pancakes with many people who love to taste it. It did not leave me with any impression because i ate too little.

Last weekend, Bi and I went to Bandung and he bought the pancakes. This time I get a whole pancake just for myself. It was delicious! I felt surprised. I like durian pancake more than durian itself. My sister also said the same thing. 

This pancake is not only taste good for people like me but also for the durian-addict like my mom and my husband. They love it too.

Tips and Conclusion

- We bought these pancakes via BBM. They delivered it to our location in Bandung.

- If you live in Jakarta, you can buy this kind of pancake in All Fresh. But, according to my grandma, the durian pancake from Bandung taste better. 

- Keep in refrigerator. It also taste better when cold.