#4. Tanah Karo - Sipiso-piso Waterfall and the Mesmerizing Lake Toba

(My Travel Series)
August 2010
North Sumatra Trip
Day 2

Remember my story about the mystical lake Toba? It is amazing how thing can looks very different. Today, the lake looked gorgeous thanks to the nice weather. The view of the lake took my breath away! I am very grateful we have this amazing lake in Indonesia and I got a chance to see it.

Beside the mesmerizing lake Toba, my family and I also visited Sipiso-piso waterfall located near the lake. We had to walk to see the view in its best angle, but it was totally worth it. When I was standing in the pavilion I could see the pretty waterfall on my right and the beautiful lake on the left. I could not ask for more.

My sister who took all the previous photos except for this one. 

Tips and Conclusion

- You can walk to the waterfall but it is quite far. If you are too lazy or not fit, you better walk until the pavilion and enjoy the view.

- Go to this link if you want to know how to visit this place by public transportation. The article is in Bahasa Indonesia. Use Google translate or ask me if you don't understand. Hehe.

- Even though Sipiso-piso waterfall is a popular tourist destination, but the souvenir here are not well-designed.

*Photos by Lala

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