#3. Berastagi - Soekarno's Exile House

(My Travel Series)
August 2010
North Sumatra Trip
Day 2

Today was my second day in North Sumatra. Yesterday, after we saw the lake Toba for the first time, my family and I continued the journey and stayed over in Berastagi.

We stayed in a very special house. It was the same house where Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia, stayed when he was in Exile by the Dutch in 1948. He only lived in this house for 12 days before he was moved to Prapat for some safety reason. 

Early in the morning, I followed my sister and my dad to go outside. We arrived at night so this was the first time we were able to see the house. My sister took some pictures while I was busy seeing the surrounding area. Here some pictures that she took:

It was cold outside because Berastagi is in the mountain, so we went back into the house. I enjoyed the morning by reading a book, my sister played with her camera and took some pictures, while my parents had conversation with their friends. I love cool weather!

The living room. Too bad we didn't took any pictures in the other rooms

My sister with mini Soekarno inside the house

Time to take a bath and prepare to continue the trip to the lake toba. It was a really hard thing to do because the water was as cold as an ice. I could not believe Soekarno had to take a bath with this freezing water for 12 days... hehehe

Tips and Conclusion

- I do not really know how we could stay in this house, because I do not think it was open for public. I guess  if you know someone here and the house is not being used by government you can stay here. I guess.

- If you love history you should stay here. You can sleep in the bed that Soekarno used 65 years ago and try to imagine how he felt.

- Do not forget to bring the jacket.

*Photo by Lala, edited by me

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