#1. Medan - Istana Maimun (Maimun Palace)

(My Travel Series)
August 2010
North Sumatra Trip
Day 1

One of my trips that I haven't write in here is my trip to North Sumatra, Indonesia. I went here after my graduation with my family, but it was not a graduation present. One of my mother's friend recently moved back to Medan  (North Sumatra capital city) and my mom saw it as a perfect excuse to visit North Sumatra.

The good thing about traveling with my mom is she had planned everything. So all I need to do is pack my bags and ready to go. I apologize if I could not tell you how to get to these places because I went there by a car with a driver.


This was my first time visiting Medan. I was surprised when the plane flied very low near the house roof just before it landed. I found out later that Polonia Airport is located near the downtown, but the new airport is being built and will be operating this year in 2013.

After my mom's friend picked us up from the airport, she took us to Maimun Palace. The palace was built from 1887 to 1891 by Kesultanan Deli. Even though the place is huge, but we could only come to several rooms because the rest of the palace was used by the descendants of Deli Sultan as their home. 

My parents with Maimun Palace as a background. 

Brightly yellow interior full with ornaments. Oh I don't like too many yellow.

This palace can be very interesting, but regrettably it was not preserved well. I also think that this palace should be solely use as a museum and not for living. It was very disturbing to see cloths and towels hanging in front of the palace. 

Tips and Conclusion
- If you love history you should visit this place. There are many stories behind this old palace.

- If you want to take a beautiful photo, I think you need to work hard. I personally think this palace is not photogenic. I am sorry dear Mr. Italian architect who designed it.

- Want to visit it? Go to Brigjen Katamso Street. The opening hour is from 08.00 to 17.00.

*photo by Lala, edited by me

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