My Birthday Present

It is almost the end of my favorite month, September. I had my birthday couple days ago that I spent with my lovely family. One of my favorite things about this year birthday is a surprise gift from my husband. He bought me a sewing machine, Janome J3-24 -- the thing that I really wanted. 

I know sewing machine seems so old-fashioned. I should ask for ipod, iphone, galaxy note, or any other gadget, but i don't want any of it for now. 

The reason I want a sewing machine is because I took a sewing course. I only took the course because I want to sew a throw pillow cover, but it turns out that taking the course is too much for that purpose. I learned how to sew clothes instead. In order to prevent my new skill into a waste I decided to sew more things at home, so I need a sewing machine. 

My husband said that when he bought this machine, the seller said to him, "You can call me when your wife needs some help with this machine, I can give her a demonstration. Actually, there is manual book inside the box but it is in English. The good news is, now there is a program called google translate, it can help her to translate the manual into Bahasa Indonesia."

Thanks for your kindness dear Mr. Seller, but I think I'll be okay. It made me wondering about the kind of people who buy sewing machine. 

I promise that I will post my sewing projects here and maybe some do-it-yourself project if I can. 

- I choose Janome because according to some blogs and some forums in Female Daily, this is one of the best and affordable sewing machine.